Welcome to All Air Filtration

Since its inception in 2012, we have dedicated our self to providing reliable and quality products and services for various industries.

The company has come a long way since it’s inception with products for General Engineering Industry. Design, Drawing & Commissioning of HVAC System Turnkey Works for Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Food Industries. We will make ‘Engineering Need of Yours – A reality with “Excellent Quality and Reliable Support”

We Provide:

              1. HEPA Filters
              2. Bag Filters
              3. Pre-Filters

Our Scope Of Services

  • Design, Drawing & Commissioning of HVAC System Turnkey Works.
  • Total Qualification of a new cGMP Compliance Project.
  • Facilities of Qualification.
  • HVAC System / Clean Room.
  • Cold Room / Stability Room.

Clean Room Validation Services & Documentation Include.

  • HEPA Filter Intergrity Test (PAO/DOP).
  • Air Flow / Air Velocity Profile Test.
  • Air Change Rate Test.
  • Air Flow Visualization Test.
  • Air Born Praticle Test.
  • Clean Room Recovery Test.
  • Temperature & Humidity Test.
  • Room Difference Pressure Test.
  • Light Intensity Test (Lux).
  • Sound Level Test.

Equipment Qualification

  • Dispensing / Sampling Booth Units.
  • Laminar Air Flow Units.
  • Autoclaves / Hot Air Sterilizers & Tunnels.
  • Stability Chambers / Incubator.

Calibration & Certification Services

  • Digital Balance Calibration.
  • Filter Integrity Test & Certification.
  • Autoclave Calibration.
  • Coating Machine Calibration.

Our Valuable Clients